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Many inexperienced pet owners, and even some who have had a domestic animal for a while, are surprised to learn that our pets can be just as prone to developing allergies as we are. All pets are different, and what triggers an allergy in one may have absolutely no effect in another. In other scenarios, what begins as a season allergy, such as to pollen, could develop into a year-round problem for your pet. ... Read More



Cuddling up with your feline best friend is undoubtedly one of the best parts of being the parent of a cat. When you have had a long day, there is little better than snuggling up on the couch with your furbaby on your lap. Running your fingers through her coat and giving her love and affection is very soothing, and spending time petting an animal is proven to lower stress levels, reduce anxiety and help someone to feel calmer and more relaxed. ... Read More



If there is more than one concerning change in her behavior or anything else that you are worried about, it is always worth making an appointment with our vet to get her checked over. Remember, you know your pet better than anyone and if you feel something is out of sorts with her, trust your instincts. ... Read More