How to Teach Your Cat to Use a Litter Box

Date Published: 25-September-2017

If you have just added a kitten to your family to the very first time, there will be lots to learn – for both you and her! One of the first things that you will want to do is to make sure she knows where she should go to do her bathroom business. Litter box training is essential to keep your home looking and smelling nice, so the sooner you teach your feline friend to use one the better. Cats are notoriously clean creatures, and so you may be lucky enough to home one that has already learnt the purpose of a litter box and how to use one. However, if your kitten or cat hasn’t yet been taught bathroom etiquette, training her should be a relatively simple process.... Read More

We Recycle!

Date Published: 8-September-2017

We try very hard to minimize our effect on the environment.  In remodeling an older building, we reused not just the building, but many things in it. Many things got a new and "improved" uses. Fruit tables are not, or becoming, exam tables or play tables. Ice box panels are sound insulation in the kennels. Displays were cleaned and reused. Tables have new uses. ... Read More

Dogs, We Can’t Even Talk Without Them

Date Published: 25-March-2017

The human animal bond is very strong. They comfort us, protect us and live for us. We in return, have dog metaphors throughout our language. Just think about all the ways the four-legged canine animal came into our language.... Read More

Disaster can occur anywhere, be prepared!

Date Published: 15-March-2017

Disaster Kit Contents: List of Pet-Friendly Hotels Microchip Information Vaccine History Photo of Pet(s) in case accidentally separated Leash and collar Carrier/Crate Two week supply of food and water Cat litter and litter pan Can opener (if pet eats wet food)... Read More

Cats are Everywhere

Date Published: 12-March-2017

In my first article of my first book, I talk about dogs in our language. When we think of the very strong human animal bond, we often think of dogs. But it is not just dogs that comfort us, protect us and live for us. Seems we have quite a few cat metaphors throughout our language.... Read More

Dr MJ Wixsom

Date Published: 12-March-2017

Dr Wixsom believes in state of the art progressive medicine and surgery and typically goes to over 40 hours of continuing education a year. In the area, she is seen as a veterinarian who cares and where you take your pets when they are really sick.... Read More

The Day the World Changed

Date Published: 11-March-2011

A single solitary moment in time. One hundred and two minutes overall, but focused on a single solitary moment. There are moments in time which change all of humankind. Sometimes, these are for the good, sometimes not. Sometimes we know that they are life changing at the time, sometimes we do not. ... Read More